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Premium anti- aging care for a luxurious skin feel

Every skin deserves high-quality care. A care dedicated to both deep-seated dermatological needs and your aesthetic and ethical needs. Because anti - aging does not mean fighting life on your face, but giving your skin what it needs in the appropriate phases of life. It is also important for us to pay attention to your well-being as well as to that of our environment - through a cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably designed care range.

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We want to help you perfect your routine by providing you with quality care tailored to your needs. In addition to curated, exclusive ingredients such as various peptides and our hyaluronic complex Hycid 5, our line contains the essence of the accumulated knowledge of decades of research.

Establish the right routine:

If you are one of those people who removes your make-up in an exemplary manner and cleans your face thoroughly in the evening, you have already laid the foundation for an effective anti-aging care routine. Only cleansed skin can fully absorb and process the valuable active ingredients of our Re - Skin products . But not every routine is suitable for every skin type. When choosing your products, you should make sure that they match your skin type. But we can give you a little help to develop your routine. We divide them into age groups.

The concept of anti-aging skin care is often misunderstood. It is usually associated with a care routine that only starts in a more mature phase of life, i.e. at the earliest from the age of 40. However, your skin begins the natural aging process from your mid-20s and shows the first visible signs from the age of 30 with the first fine lines on the forehead or around the eyes. These cannot be prevented by anti-aging products, but they can be balanced out so that the formation of deep wrinkles can be intercepted. While your skin gradually loses the ability to form collagen and elastin fibers and is no longer able to store moisture as well, appropriate anti-aging products can support it and compensate for the dwindling abilities. Instead of a fight against aging, you establish an appreciative approach to your skin and provide it with the necessary active ingredients. Of course, the appearance of your skin also depends on your disposition and external factors to which you expose it. For example, an oilier skin texture ages more slowly than drier skin. A face that is frequently exposed to the sun, solarium or cigarettes shows clearer signs of aging than one that is treated with UVA and UVB filters and benefits from a healthy lifestyle. In all cases, however, the following applies: T he age cannot be slowed down its signs can.

Up to around the age of 35 you can support your skin with a gentle, restorative routine. This starts with cleaning with our Aloe Cleanser, refreshes you with our Cell SprayTonic, gives your skin the first nourishing active ingredients with one of our serums, locks them into the depths of your skin with a rich cream and enhances the radiance of your eyes with our Eye Cream. So five products that counteract the first signs of skin aging perfectly.

You can easily build on this routine from the age of 35. For this we recommend our most effective anti- aging products with botox peptides, which weaken the muscle contractions of your face and thus counteract the formation of wrinkles. These include our Lift Serum , Night Repair and our Eye Serum.

You can give your skin extra care every week if you help it regenerate with a peeling followed by a mask.