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For 15 years I have been on a path that has taken me through all areas of the beauty business to my own three salons. During this time I took many souvenirs with me in the form of insights, impressions and inspiration from travel. My personal ethical views led me to adopt a vegan lifestyle, which in turn led me to the decision that my products should also be vegan and consider animal welfare. Books gave me the necessary foundation in terms of content, and through the constant exchange with my customers over the years, a concrete picture of what is on the market and what is still missing has formed for me. My customers no longer wanted conventional products that promised with their advertising what their ingredients could not keep. Time has moved with their skin, but the products they have access to have not.

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Intense Rich Cream
With our Intensive Rich Cream you provide your skin with an active complex of nourishing vitamins, moisturizing Hycid 5 and collagen-forming peptides.
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High Intensity Serum
The anti-aging active ingredient complex of our High Intensive Serum gives your skin unexpected elasticity, resistance and radiance.
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Mit Empfehlung von
Dr. Eveline Urselmann

"Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich RE SKIN unterstütze würde, und ich kann ganz klar sagen, Ja, kann ich sehr gut. Einmal, weil wirklich tolle Inhaltsstoffe enthalten sind, aber noch wichtiger ist mir, was nicht drin ist. Keine Minearöle, keine Silikone, keine Parabene. Es ist tierversuchsfrei. RE SKIN beinhaltet also alles was eine moderne Kosmetik braucht und was eurer Haut gut tut."

Dr. Eveline Urselmann, Praxis für ästhetische Medizin, Milchstraße 26-28, 20148 Hamburg

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