RE SKIN development

For us, the ideal anti-aging care product has to fulfill two tasks: It should support you in your daily care routine and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain its natural beauty. However, this must not happen at the expense of our environment. That's why we use renewable, natural raw materials in the production of our line, which, thanks to their skin-like structure, can be perfectly absorbed by your skin instead of settling in the environment. Mineral oils, silicones, dyes, paraffins and parabens, on the other hand, have no place in our products, which are vegan, cruelty-free and mostly filled in sustainable glass bottles, accompanying you on your way to a radiant complexion.

The resulting products shine with unique ingredients, such as the concentrated active ingredient complex HYCID5, which was specially developed for RE SKIN and combines five highly effective hyaluronic acids. HYCID5 specifically penetrates the layers of the skin in which moisture absorption can be sustainably promoted in order to create a hydro-depot at the same time. High-molecular hyaluron forms a moisturizing film on the top layer of skin, low-molecular hyaluron penetrates deeper into the skin and supplies the connective tissue with new strength, and oligo-hyaluron stimulates the skin's own hyaluronic acid formation.

This is combined in the various products designed for all skin types with natural essences and components based on the skin's own components, which are provided without any chemical preservatives. Each product thus offers the most effective properties from nature and the latest findings from the laboratory. Ingredients at their best.

The products manufactured in Germany do not have to travel long distances, are mostly packaged in glass, do not require animal testing thanks to complex dermatological test procedures and are exceptionally well tolerated even by skin prone to allergies thanks to the laboratory-tested ingredients. All of these factors were of utmost importance in the development of the products, since the high-end anti-aging market in particular showed a clear deficit in terms of ethical added value.

Cosmetics with a strong effect without burdening the skin. This is contemporary, high-quality body care!

RE SKIN Clean Environment

Highly effective cosmetics should not only be good for us, but also for the environment. We have therefore replaced the usual acrylate compounds with a combination of two natural substances: guar gum from the guar bean and xanthan gum, a naturally occurring polysaccharide. Our creams are naturally soft and smooth and set new standards through the combination of biotechnology and natural ingredients without having to cut back on the high dosage of our active ingredients.

Another innovation: Since the preservatives usually used in cosmetics are often suspected of being able to trigger allergies, we have also been guided by our GREEN INGREDIENTS concept. Thanks to our intensive research, we were able to develop a new, natural variant from renewable raw materials and the leaves and bark of the magnolia tree that is well tolerated - magnolia extract. And that also offers a wonderful side effect: antioxidant properties and protection against germs and bacteria. This formulation is not considered a chemical preservative, so our products are free of preservatives according to the Cosmetics Ordinance!

peptides in cosmetics

Peptides are an indispensable
Part of our RE-SKIN products because they are not only extremely efficient but also very well tolerated. In addition, due to their small molecular size, they can get to exactly where they are needed in the skin. Powerful peptides can indisputably bring about great anti-aging effects.