What we do without

Chemical preservatives:

We do not use any chemical preservatives as is the case with conventionally processed cosmetics. The reason for this is, on the one hand, our conviction that care should be highly effective, but at the same time as natural as possible , and, on the other hand, the higher skin tolerance of our ingredients.

Since the preservatives usually used in cosmetics are often suspected of being able to trigger allergies, we have also been guided by our GREEN INGREDIENTS concept. Thanks to our intensive research, we were able to develop a new, natural variant from renewable raw materials and the leaves and bark of the magnolia tree that is well tolerated - MAGNOLIA EXTRACT. And that also offers a wonderful side effect: antioxidant properties and protection against germs and bacteria. This formulation is not considered a chemical preservative, so our products are free of preservatives according to the Cosmetics Ordinance!


Highly effective cosmetics should not only be good for us, but also for the environment and should therefore not end up in our drinking water when we remove make-up. Therefore, we do not use acrylate compounds as usual, but have replaced them with a combination of two natural substances: guar gum from the guar bean and xanthan gum, a naturally occurring polysaccharide. Our creams are naturally soft and smooth and set new standards through the combination of biotechnology and natural ingredients without having to cut back on the high dosage of our active ingredients.

Animal ingredients:

All our products are vegan and cruelty-free, i.e. produced without animal suffering. It took lengthy research before we found and developed all the active ingredients that met our personal ethical and cosmetic standards - but it was worth it. Today, with each of our products, we can provide proof that luxurious, highly effective anti - aging care does not need animal ingredients to achieve the effect that conventional products promise.


Parabens are a group of chemicals that are mostly used in cosmetics because of their preservative effect. The associated substances can be recognized by the suffix -paraben on the list of ingredients. You will not find this ending on any of our products because we work without parabens. The reason for this is that these can get into the systemic circulation through the skin and are suspected of interfering with developmental phases and having carcinogenic properties.


These alkaline chemicals are often used in conventional cosmetics and care products because they initially leave the skin feeling soft and supple on the surface. The actual effect is unfortunately the opposite of the initial feeling. Paraffins clog the natural skin barrier, thicken the skin layer and leave behind a damaged, dry skin that is particularly prone to increased wrinkling.


Silicones derived from petroleum are mostly used in conventional cosmetics as a substitute for valuable oils. They initially impart a soft, silky feel to the skin and hair. However, this impression is deceptive, as the silicone cannot be absorbed by the skin and only forms a soft film over the application areas. Underneath , they dry out the affected areas and prevent the absorption of valuable vitamins, oils and minerals. For this reason, we completely dispense with these ingredients.

Emugal Gates:

The task of emulsifiers is to bring water, water-based substances and oils together. However, what they create in the product, they also apply to the skin. When cleaning the face, they cling to the skin's natural oils and wear them away. The skin barrier is broken down, which leads to lasting damage to the cell structure. That is why we use complex mixing processes and recipes in which emulsifiers are not required to combine our active ingredients.

Plastic bottle:

To save plastic , we use glass packaging for almost all of our products. An exception is our cleaner, for which we have opted for packaging made from recycled plastic . The decisive factor for this decision was the safety aspect in the bathroom. Should the smaller products fall, both the products and your bathroom tiles will remain intact. However, with the larger and heavier products, this could mean an increased risk of breakage .

Unnecessary packaging:

Crucibles and pipettes:

We prefer packaging where there is as little skin contact with the product as possible. Our personal hygiene requirements would not be met if they were removed from a crucible. We also do without pipettes. Our experience shows us that with these two procedures, the content of the cosmetic products is "dirty" again and again. Fingers are used instead of spatulas for the jar, and the pipette also comes into contact with the skin again and again, which is then screwed back into the vial. Pump dispensers, on the other hand, protect the product and ensure convenient, precise portioning. So you have something of our highly effective recipes for longer.