Founder Patrizia Wagner

Portrait of founder Patrizia Wagner:

"For 15 years I have been on a path that has led me through all areas of the beauty business to my own three salons . During this time I took many souvenirs with me in the form of knowledge, impressions and inspiration from travel. My Personal ethical views brought me to a vegan lifestyle and this in turn led to the decision that my products must also be vegan and animal welfare-friendly. Books gave me the necessary foundation in terms of content , and through the constant exchange with my customers, I was shaped over the course of time over the years a concrete picture of what is on the market and what is still missing. My customers no longer wanted conventional products that promised with their advertising what their ingredients could not keep. Time went with their skin, but the products they could access did not change over time.The topic of anti - aging in particular occupied me more and more.Le skin accompanies us ben long. It is as unique as its wearer. As incomparable as the stories hidden in every little bump. Years later, every smile tells its story through the fine lines around our eyes. Holiday memories are not only burned into our memories, but also into the delicate skin of our faces . This is exactly why I wanted to create a care product that accompanies you and gives your skin what it needs for its naturally beautiful radiance in every phase of life. Easier said than done. Since 2015 I looked around the market and found that there was nothing that matched my wishes.

After years of direct experience with my customers, I knew what healthy skin feels like - and what the right cream should be like. Free of microplastics, vegan, not packaged in plastic if possible and with ingredients that unfold their full potential in the skin and not on the product label. My private values ​​had to match those of my care series. So I researched recipes and textures and launched my first product in 2018."

What began with a high-quality , stabilized vitamin C serum has now arrived at a full care range with 13 components. But the claim is the same as on the first day: I want to offer my customers exclusive and highly effective care that accompanies them through their lives and at the same time does not negatively impact their ecological footprint.

Urban Spa x RE SKIN

At the beginning of RE SKIN were the urban spas. The values ​​have been the same since the salons were founded in 2008 and have also flowed into the care series, as well as practical experience and the wishes of the customers. You can experience the authentic Re Skin experience up close in 3 salons in Hamburg.