Our multimolecular and cross-linked hyaluronic acid complex HYCID5 ensures an immediate effect. To do this, it specifically penetrates the skin layers in which moisture absorption can be sustainably promoted in order to create a hydro-depot at the same time.

This combination of different hyaluronic acid fractions is not only unique, but also groundbreaking in its use against the signs of skin aging. All RE SKIN serums have 3% hyaluronic acid - this is more than usual with other products. Only the best for your skin! The five components of HYCID5 are:

MACRO HYALURON : protects and nourishes the skin's surface.

MEDIUM HYALURONE : unfolds its effect in the epidermis, ie it penetrates deeper into the skin.

OLIGOMERIC HYALURONE : acts in the epidermis and dermis, thus reaching the cell formation layer, where the production of various signaling peptides is triggered. These in turn unfold their effect in the deeper layers of the skin.

MICROPLUS HYALURON : The combination of oligomeric hyaluron and medium hyaluronic acid causes the hyaluronic acid to penetrate even more quickly, so that it fully develops its effectiveness in the depths of the skin. In addition, a long-term depot can be built up in the skin.

CROSS-LINKED HYALURONE : In addition to an efficient action on the surface of the skin, it also strengthens its resistance, since it counteracts the breakdown of hyaluronic acid by hyaluronidases.

The cause of skin aging

From the age of 25, the content of hyaluronic acid in your skin decreases continuously, so that by the time you are 50, the depots are already about half empty. This then causes the symptoms we all know:
dry skin with less elasticity and resilience, which can no longer regenerate as well and is more sensitive to harmful environmental influences. Small wrinkles, sunken cheeks and crow's feet then indicate that you lack hyaluronic acid. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid can now be obtained via our high-dose and
exclusive RE SKIN serums are reintroduced.

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