About us

Biotechnological active ingredient cosmetics for sustainable anti-aging care: The new luxurious cosmetics brand RE SKIN is launching a complete skin care series - active, vegan, without chemical preservatives and deeply effective.

RE SKIN is pursuing two missions: both to care for your skin with highly effective, biotechnologically developed articles and to treat the environment in a sustainable way.

Cosmetics with a strong effect without burdening the skin. This is contemporary, high-quality body care!

The resulting products shine with unique ingredients, such as the concentrated active ingredient complex HYCID5, which was specially developed for RE SKIN and combines five highly effective hyaluronic acids. This is combined in the various products designed for all skin types with natural essences and components based on the skin's own components, which are provided without any preservatives. Each product thus offers the most effective properties from nature and the latest findings from the laboratory. Ingredients at their best.

RE SKIN is not a beauty line. RE SKIN means choosing beautiful skin for life.

This is how the greatest line of cosmetics was born

The success story of Patrizia, our founder, started in 2008 when she opened her first beauty salon "Urban Spa" in Hamburg. 15 years later, the Urban Spa with its three salons in Hamburg specializes in apparative anti-aging cosmetics.