Biotechnological active ingredient cosmetics for sustainable anti-aging care:

With its luxurious anti-aging care series, the Hamburg-based skin care company Re Skin is launching particularly effective products that pursue two missions: both to care for the skin of customers with highly effective , biotechnologically developed articles and to treat the environment in a sustainable manner .

The resulting products shine with unique ingredients, such as the concentrated active ingredient complex HYCID5, which was specially developed for RE SKIN and combines five highly effective hyaluronic acids. This is combined in the various products designed for all skin types with natural essences and components modeled on the skin's own components.

The products manufactured in Germany do not have to travel long distances, are mostly packaged in glass, do not require animal testing thanks to complex dermatological test procedures and are exceptionally well tolerated even by skin prone to allergies thanks to the laboratory-tested ingredients. All of these factors were of utmost importance in the development of the products, since the high-end anti-aging market in particular showed a clear deficit in terms of ethical added value.

Biotechnological cosmetics without chemical preservatives

Fast-growing blossoms and bark from the magnolia tree preserve all our RE SKIN cosmetic products in the most natural way. In this way we can ensure the quality of our active ingredients and at the same time make huge progress towards Green Thinking.

RE SKIN ingredients

For an instant effect
Our multimolecular and cross-linked hyaluronic acid complex HYCID5 takes care of that. To do this, it penetrates the layers of skin in which they are
the moisture absorption can be sustainably promoted
to create a hydro depot at the same time. High-molecular hyaluronic acid
forms a moisturizing film on the top layer of skin,
Low-molecular hyaluron penetrates deeper into the skin and supplies the connective tissue with new strength, and oligo-hyaluron can stimulate the skin's own hyaluron formation.

Contained in:

HYCID5 complex

Sensitive serum

High Intensity Serum

Peptide Eye Boost Serum

The minerals contained in seawater such as magnesium, calcium and potassium reduce bacteria and skin infections and at the same time accelerate the healing process of the skin.

Cell Active Spray

Nourish Peel Mask

Aloe Cleanser

Sensitive Repair Serum

Hyaluron Complex Serum

Of course that
Promote collagen formation and reduce wrinkling -–
with the highly effective antioxidant vitamin C. It neutralizes free radicals that your skin encounters every day due to environmental influences. This double mode of action ensures a smooth complexion with reduced

Niacinamide has an antibacterial effect and can ensure a more even complexion in the long term.

Ideal for blemishes and blackheads.

With its diverse
Effectiveness Retinol actively supports your skin during regeneration by stimulating cells on your skin structure and thus improving it over the long term. Pores are demonstrably refined, free radicals are suppressed, and retinol can even provide relief for acne. The vitamin for a refined complexion, stimulated skin renewal and deeply effective
Collagen formation, – for a
healthier glowing skin.

These small molecule
Amino acid complexes, also known as
Known as peptides, collagen is also a protein. They penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate natural collagen production. Since peptides are mostly endogenous substances, they can be ideally absorbed and utilized by the skin cell structure, which ensures a healthy and firm complexion. The skin nourished in this way is additionally protected by the anti-inflammatory effect of the peptides.

Ceramides build up the skin barrier and protect the skin from drying out. This means more moisture and protection for the skin.

Vitamin E contributes to
free radicals, i.e. aggressive oxygen compounds that
Metabolic reactions, UV radiation and cigarette smoke arise to neutralize.

Obtained from the kernels
of the candlenut tree, kukui nut oil also nourishes your face
a variety of active ingredients and
gives it a velvety finish. Linoleic and linolenic acid, as well as
Vitamins A, C and E help your skin to resist
Sun influences, fatigue, external stimuli and signs of aging to recover.

Squalane protects the skin from moisture loss and prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats.

This amino acid supports the complexion through its stimulating effect on cell division and wound-healing qualities. Thus, the skin is soothed while it is off
regenerates itself.

The cyclic amino acid has a double effect against the formation of wrinkles by stimulating the body's own collagen formation and blocking collagen-degrading enzymes. So provides proline
for a firm complexion.

Peripheral blood vessels are stimulated to form new ones and the skin's own collagen production is promoted. Tiger Ggras is the perfect anti-aging agent, especially for mature skin. Its wound-healing and antibacterial effect also balances out inflamed areas.

This effective extract counteracts chronic redness of the cheeks, chin and nose area, also known as couperose, by inhibiting the causative peptide. Amino acids also promote the elasticity of the vessel walls.

The cell-regenerating effect of Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract slows down the skin's aging process and counteracts wrinkles. Like many other plant extracts,
It also has antioxidant properties and protects the skin from free radicals.

Shea butter ensures that the skin is intensively moisturized. It also cares for dry skin areas in a silky soft way and has a calming effect on skin irritation and itching.

Natural preservative from the bark of the magnolia tree. It also contains antioxidant properties and protection against germs and bacteria.

A high proportion of vitamin E
in rice germ oil stimulates promotes
blood circulation, which stimulates the skin and reduces swelling at the same time.

Vitamin C contained in passion fruit, together with other antioxidants, counteracts the free radicals that affect your skin as a result of environmental influences.
Skin damage is alleviated and optical aging is counteracted by stimulating collagen and elastin formation.

The enzyme papain, obtained from the skin and seeds of the papaya, is indispensable for the fruit as it protects against pests. On the skin, it has a wound-healing and revitalizing effect.

The essence of the refreshing citrus plant has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, making the essential oil perfect for treating skin irritations. Slight calluses can be loosened and the connective tissue can be strengthened at the same time.

Potassium is a highly effective moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin -- and found in high concentrations in grapefruit. The fruit prevents wrinkles with its cushioning effect and also protects the skin from UV radiation. In addition, skin that is prone to inflammation and dandruff is soothed.

Environmental influences such as heat, UV radiation and high salt concentrations are intercepted by Ectoin. It wraps around enzymes, proteins and cell membranes like a protective shield, protecting them from drying out.

Grapeseed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is known to help dry skin retain moisture. The antioxidants it contains also prevent premature skin aging.

Contained in:

Super Vitamin Cream