Features of the skin around the eyes

  1. The subcutaneous fatty tissue is almost completely absent in the area around the eyes. The blood vessels shimmer slightly through the epidermis. If blood circulation slows down, for example due to fatigue, metabolic disorders, hours of work on the PC, etc., dark circles appear.
  2. The facial skin around the eyes does not contain any sebaceous glands and its hydrolipidic film is correspondingly weaker. Because of this, it requires special care.
  3. The supply of blood vessels is lower, which is why the supply of nutrients via the microcirculation is weaker. Wrinkling occurs earlier.
  4. The various muscles around the eyes are mainly responsible for blinking, but have no support function. The eye area is therefore less elastic.
  5. The constant movement through language, facial expressions, expressions of feelings and more than 10,000 blinks per day continuously strain this delicate skin area. Therefore, the tendency to expression lines, bags under the eyes and crow's feet is very high.
  6. Ironically, this part of the eye, which is already at risk, shows an increased number of certain cells, the mastocytes. These play a key role in triggering allergic reactions. This explains why intolerances occur most frequently in the eye area.
  7. The lying position favors water and lymph accumulations overnight. Therefore, the eye area is often swollen.
  8. These factors and daily burdens such as stress, too much sun, little sleep, nicotine, air conditioning, cold and wind add to the physiological skin aging.