Pregnancy and Cosmetics

Anyone who is pregnant wants to be particularly sensitive and careful with their bodies. Adequate cosmetics should also be used with the right skin care.

RE SKIN is ideal for pregnant women because it contains no chemical preservatives.

We have put together a routine for every skin type during pregnancy that is particularly gentle and yet does justice to the individual skin type.

Beauty during pregnancy is a very individual matter and everyone should make their own decisions.

We recommend that you always consult your doctor before purchasing!!!

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For dry skin
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Aloe Cleanser
Our skin is our largest organ, but also one of the most vulnerable as it is exposed to all environmental influences. Their care should be as thorough as it is gentle. With the Aloe Cleaner, your skin is deeply cleansed while being nourished by vegetable oils and strengthened against environmental aging.
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Sensitive Rapir Serum
Our skin is as diverse as its wearer, and as much as we appreciate each skin in its individual beauty, we do not always appreciate all the properties of our own. That's why we developed our Sensitive Repair Serum to counteract less popular skin redness and to even out expression lines with anti-aging active ingredients as they form.
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For sensitive skin
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