SERUM vs cream

Why we at RE SKIN love serums:

Sera are aqueous or gel-like intensive care products for your face and contain active ingredients in higher concentrations than ordinary creams . However, so that these active ingredients are also effectively absorbed by the skin and can develop their full potential there, serums should be used as early as possible, i.e. immediately after the toner. All RE-SKIN serums have 3% hyaluronic acid - this is more than usual with other products. Only the best for your skin!

So are serums better than creams?

RE SKIN serums can be used to specifically treat various skin problems, from small wrinkles to severe pigmentation. They have a much lighter texture than large molecule moisturizers, so they penetrate faster and deeper into the skin's layers, where the small care molecules can be better absorbed.

However, RE-SKIN serums are not a substitute for creams, but should be used in addition to them in day and night care.